aphrodite, love goddess, goddess art


aphrodite, love goddess, goddess art



        1. Cool! Thanks – I kind of like them to be just suggestive and open for interpretation – so when I am rich and famous (dead?) there will be plenty of debates about the meaning of my art… bwahahahaha.. seriously tho..i had a simpler version – it’s a digital drawing – then I took this cool picture of one of those.. garden glass globes with the moon around it and I thought it would work perfect. Not sure about the perfect yet but I like the depth …I think tho I see what I intend because I started with it while the viewer has to look for it.. Where’s Waldo? So when I finish it I see what the main part if it is and then get a little bummed when its not obvious but later i will look back and appreciate the subtleties..

          (how the hell are ya? and hi TMWGITU)

          1. I like the depth and vagueness. I didn’t know what the under-image was. I was torn between a face, a globe, venus itself perhaps? And I liked that I had to look deeper, and still didn’t get a clear resolution.

            TMWGITU is good (stop hitting on her!), and everything is…well…a mess.
            I’ll drop you a line in a bit. You’ve been missed!

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