1. I love how the shadows and light played out – there are so many different things reaching from dark to light. I thought about making the hue blues so I could included her in my Blue Period 🙂 but she is too different don;t you think? This may be my dark period. I have one I am working on – from the sketches.. I think you will really like it ♥

      1. Perhaps, but I really think this transcends blue. If you look at her transformation in the smoke, I think this one is more hopeful than a typical blue. I think this is more your phoenix period. ❤

    1. Thank you 🙂 !

      Um let;s see what is bipolar …the artist?
      Hahaha no really. I guess this might qualify as an abstract? I could not figure out how to simply title the forces of light and dark struggling to win over the girl – Star Wars is taken and Epic might be too much.. 😉 it’s a depiction of my experience in an abstract representation of really more of a mixed episode, the light and dark weave in and out of each other swirling and there are dark things in the shadows and almost brilliant light..

      (Wow I still can talk shit can;t I? )

      Kept me occupied and my focus off the roller coaster but art imitates life and all…

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