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Every week, PicsArt, my goto art app when I feel creative and am away.from or or just.wanna pass time.. has a series.ofcontests challenging.the artistry and.creativeness of the members. The drawing challenge is by far the hardest as you must take.the.theme, these were for the week. of  guitar, and starting with a completely.blank canvas, use only.the in.the app. I like to.enter.them to go outside my normal subject matter, to focus and create by request and not always what I.happen to want to do.and The pics above and one blow are my guitar entries ( 2 entries per challenge.are allowed) and these were difficult for me, and I am cringing a little seeing them blown up on the computer screen, however, that is also growth as an artist, to post even the pictures you don’t really like or think are worthy because in doing so, it is a bit like growing thicker skin.  Hopefully the outcome is pleasantly surprised at the reception, but sometimes what you thought was really cool and you are proud of on the smaller screen, just doesn’t cut it and you learn to not take it so seriously and apply the insights to the next challenge.

So here are the guitars with no revisions (yet).

Not as an excuse but when I do these for the challenges, I am drawing on a little less than 4 inches and my phone glass is cracked and getting less responsive – that does sound whiney and like I am making excuses right?   It is in fact, a fact.  One day I will have something that can have PicsArt that is a decent size drawing area.  I hope anyways.  That would be the other thing that is stretches my artistic ability, learning to adapt to different environments, platforms and media.  All too often we close ourselves off to the potential by sticking with the same things over and over, which is fine too to hone ones skill, as long as we continue to grow.

The below guitar really bugs me as I could not put my finger on, therefore I was unable to correct it, what the issue was besides some perspective issues.  At least until someone told me it looked like a guitar cake.  I believe they are right, so now I just need to think how to correct it.

Now just wait tile you see my cowboys 🙂

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