Mantra of M3

mantra in her many forms

Mantra of M3

Mantra is the Muse and Fairy of  Red Dwyer of  The M3 Blog  and has two books of the poetry she sings to Red.  Occasionally she comes to me and wants me to put her likeness on canvas..paper.. screen and is very insistent about her look.  Sometimes I think it is done and she will insist I do another..  then kick me in the shin if I don’t do it right away.  She first visited before Mantra for a Muse to update her look and then again after, but we never finished that one… until she wanted to have a new picture showing a side of her more fitting with Mantra’s Book of Shadows.   I think she might have been a little jealous the other day when Red came over to Running Naked With Scissors and sat for a portrait while we discussed many things in my Bright Sunny Room.  Normally she will be silent to me for a while after she has the look she likes but last night she woke me up insisting she should sit for a portrait as well, and she looks lovely as ever, glowing actually. Who knows what the future will bring for her, but I know I don’t want any more bruises on my shin so, when she calls I will listen..   ♥

Here are some of her other looks for M3,  and  Mantra for a Muse and Mantras Book of Shadows,..


.(both books now available at Redmund Productions Bookstore   and at a limited number and  time special offer,  both  books  together autographed by the author…..     Click on the pictures to enlarge …  )


  1. I think you may be the only artist in history to have a page dedicated to someone else’s muse. She is so incessant… ❤ xxx

  2. She looks great!
    (And I’m not just saying that because pixies have been known to get a little carried away reacting to those who slight them…)

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