sky art




One thing about the desert is the most amazing skies – sunrises, sunsets, the clouds.  I think maybe they are amazing and unique where ever  but  I have taken more pictures of the sky and clouds in the last year  – noticed the sky more.  These were taken earlier at sunset, the sky was brilliant and I did not edit or alter them in any way.  There is some blur because I am still getting used to my new camera and after pressing the button it doesn’t snap right away like my other one did so I started to move but stopped  – so there is a bit of blur but this sky goes fast and changes from minute to minute.. It’s as if the sky is a blank canvas for whoever it is painting it and the colors sometimes are limited or special edition..  These are true to the color but some of the depth is lost.  Truly a work of art.  



    1. oh I see it! wow if we are looking at the same thing if you change the angle a little it looks like a mouth – or the Mothership… well there is our answer… what do you tthink it is? you ever play that game when you were younger? or even still?

  1. I love these. I wish my camera caught the colors I can see. Regardless of which one I use, unless it is real film, the color is just not as brilliant…and then, I want to tweak the chemicals until it is just so. Meh. One of these days… I hope you like the pink ones I sent you 🙂 Great shots, Lizzie. It is great to know you are looking UP more. ❤

  2. Utterly beautiful. Thank God it was captured. I know it will be beautiful again tomorrow, but, well, this was ‘today’.

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