hazy shades of winter

 Yesterday was such a weird feeling day.. Driving my daughter to work at around 4:00 pm – I mention the time because you would want to believe it is sunset but it is not for another two hours.  There was a big storm expected in the valley and we did get some rain but more than that we got these gorgeous cloud formations that changed as quickly as we went by them.  Some of these capture a feeling almost like a painting and that is exactly how it felt in some of the places I took the pictures – like we were beneath, or part of a big painting.  This is also a different camera – better quality than my normal one but these photos are straight from the camera to the computer – they have not been edited at all.  This can be an amazingly beautiful place to live if you are ready for it.  You just have to have your eyes open.   And a camera.  





    1. I know right? I can never say I am down to earth lol (that is a worn out phrase from dating sites ug ..i definitelty have my head in the clouds 🙂 The neighbors think I am weird (not just them prob) I get out of my car on any given day and stand there taking pics of the sky..

      1. Not as strange as you may think. I pull over, get out, knock on the door and say, “What kind of plant is this? May I have a piece? What does it eat? How much should I water it? Will it flower if I take it inside?”

    1. they really are stunning and the depth is spectacualr IRL.. I don;t think any camera or techniques can truly capture it – maybe wrong – if I am and there is I want to learn how.. warm? maybe compared to where you are but now we are having lows in the low 30’s highs in the 50’s i think its cold.. ok fine its not like this all the time.. just a few week in the winter.. and no snow.

      1. but add a couple of palm trees who cares – it looks good huh? I think i want to have a showing in a gallery of all clouds and sky –
        if I ever was good enough to be offered gallery space … it could happen…. someday.

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