run naked at christmas


    1. thank you so much 🙂 i dont know – i think i might have cornered the market – its a tough sell but i am sticking to it.. 😀 wait til i get a little older and dye my hair purple – then i will really have it made..

    1. they are special huh? i like them better than gloves..why it matters running naked in the snow.. must have mittens!!! i know yhou saw some of the decorating but…go look again 🙂 and this pic is where the logo pic was – for the duration of the holidays then its makeover time!!! fake spray tan – matbe some highlights..

  1. I think a longer scarf would have helped warm
    those exposed nipples but I could be wrong 🙂 lol
    I really like this image, no not because of the
    nudity, of which is pleasing but no, i just like a
    painting that adds deliciousness, if that is a word,
    and if it isn’t then it should be 🙂

    Have a lovely 4th of July Lizzie 🙂 😉

    Andro xx

    1. Well being as how we are on the art side of tbings.I’m not particular about the words …hell I’m not all that particular about them anyways…if it soundz like a good word then so it is thanks for your thoughts.. I did a july 4th one too…was little more thoughtful as to the nakedness and accessories.. no firecrackers lol..

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