butterfly, butterflies

oh look a butterfly – and another

butterfly, butterflies



    1. this is the one that started it all – trying to decide on cover art this one – well one of these butterflies…this is why following butterflies is madness…if I wanted to – which I kinda secretly do hee hee…I could take this butterfly and do a whole blog on the different ways to present the butterfly… –

    1. I found this particualr effect that if you tweak it just the right way and overlay and then retweak – it does that fantastic spiral – that’s what I was thinking when it did it -what we were talking about – the one that – oh I didn;t post it but you have it – the girl with the butterflies I got the same thing… 🙂

If I can say it's Art - you can say you are an Art Critic..... Tell me what you think

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