abstract clash of fire and ice

fire and ice

abstract clash of fire and ice



    1. lol – I did it on my hp mini – and the colors were blue and white – on my dads when I went to look at it later – it’s purple which is all good but not quite as ice like..what color do you see? This was total art fart but I got one I am finishing now and pics I tool this morning trying to get the butterfly and – is this too much is your inbox ….I mean its not like I normally so this should I wait? the fire started out as just [pixels – I mean well it all does but big ones square that made it square…I told my mom the other night that I think some of them are really cool cause I know what I started with…but no one else sees that so ..maybe you see it different..I really appreciate your input.. and that you come and see every single one… you rock!

      1. I saw it as orange and purple. Surprised your monitor showed it so differently.
        the contrast is incredible in those colors, and the purple not being what I would think of as “ice” added to the abstractness of it for me.

        Your images are great! Wouldn’t want to miss any of them!

        1. 🙂 thanks.. yea I thought it was blue and white and that’s where I came up with ice… i think I need to adjust color somewhere – I thought it was my dad’s but now I think its the mini… hmmm

  1. Don’t change the purple at all. The crystalline feel of the purple shapes are the ice for me. The fire is unmistakable. This one is great, Lizzie. ❤

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