practice glass balls

breaking balls, kinda

These two are just practice I was doing on the new program I got for artsy farting.  I have been immersed …so I thought I would share.  And well they are supposed to be glass balls…haven’t quite got it yet… the opacity on the darker one  – I suppose you could say they are frosted glass.. and while I am happy with the lighter one.. I don’t like the shadow.  Thus the title..  I dunno I didn’t want to call them cracked balls…   😕


Click on either thumbnail to be taken to a gallery view.. then click the x to come back here…and …comment 🙂  



    1. – I just found out about it and love it. BUT I could very easily get lost – I already have done a bunch of new stuff.. I have had it about a week I guess and I found the tutorial for glass balls … I am thinking the dark ones the background is too dark and the shadow on the light one – I can grab it shape it and move it – but then I can;t drop it.. so it gets stuck where I manage to shake it… the tutorials assume a lot of things I don’t quite remember – simple stuff…its frustrating.

          1. I like the way it looks when you take out the shadow. Who says it cannot float? Bubbles float. Better than butterflies, but they fly, so…
            Who has no idea what sleep is.

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