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Featuring Artsy Fartist: Linda Vernon


This week’s  – and the very first featured Artsy Fartist – is someone dear to me and she actually inspired me to create this weekly space to show off the art of anyone that loves to express themselves in artsy fartsy ways but never considered their art …ART..  or wanted to show it to anyone, or doesn’t have a place to display it.. or has their own space and I feel like bringing the wonder of their creative expression to your attention.

Linda had the wonderfully humorous blog  Linda Vernon Humor   leaving your daily routine minty not mediciney.  

We first met when she was the very first person to leave a comment on my blog  – and she kept coming back for more 🙂  I adore her sense of humor and the way she views the world.  She loves to peruse the thrift stores and find little known fun facts that improve our lives and her take on them will have anyone who reads giggling, guffawing, and damn near peeing themselves – I have blown coffee out my nose, laughed til I cried, chuckled for hours afterwards and yes, damn near peed myself.  She is wonderfully supportive and my bbff – and my cyber mom.

This feature came to mind when she posted a drawing her husband 37 did and her attempt at the same drawing.  What ensued was a discussion of the merits of technical drawing skill vs just plain artistic expression and that anything that is creative expression in my mind is indeed art.

So many of us were given the idea in school that we had no artistic ability because we did not see and do things technically, or to the standards created then.  I think Linda is wonderfully artistic.  She loves to doodle on her blog – even has a Drawing Lady feature – and has a style that is uniquely her own.   Her drawings are as humorous as her writing as you will see..not in a funny hahaha laugh at the drawing but that in they are puns and cartoons – doodles – statements of life and the things we do.  I love her art, and would love to be able to draw in Linda Vernon fashion.

Here are four of her pieces that are wonderful examples of her style and creativity.

For your enjoyment. I give you the artsy brain fartsies of my friend, my cyber mom – I totally love and adore her!  –  and this week’s Featured Artsy Fartist,

(If you click on one of the thumbnails it will open a gallery where you can enjoy them full size.  Just press the arrows on the right to go through and the one on the left to go back and the little x when you want to come back here)

Linda Vernon

Linda – thank you so much for providing your art for this feature.  I love you bunches!

If anyone has some drawings or other artistic expression you would like to show off – send me a message through the contact page over a Running Naked With Scissors its in the top menu  – Direct Line to the Mothership…  

til the next brief artistic expulsion…





        1. oh I think you should.. hee hee ..if you wanna wait and see what a few more are gonna do… fine.. but do it you must! please 🙂 wook at this face.. how can you say no? You do great woodwork.. what else? 😀

  1. Lizzie! I’m blown away by your wonderful words and kindness and the bottom line is that I am so LUCKY. I am so lucky to have you as my Cyberdaughter!! I can’t tell you how touched I am by what you’ve said and the thoughtful way you’ve featured my ART! HA! How about that? I had had my blog for almost a year until you happened by. I didn’t really even know about commenting or that there was a whole wonderful world of people out there! But there you were Lizzie. And somehow when you commented on my blog it was like the beginning of everything! And I remember you sent Guap over to wish me a Happy Birthday. And I’ll never forget that you did that Lizzie. It was just so nice! I know we both feel the same way about our blogs. They are a huge part of our lives and we both derive so much pleasure from writing and expressing ourselves. You are definitely a chip off the Cyber Mom. Love you Lizzie!!!!! 😀

    1. Love you too! ❤ and it was totally my pleasure to do turned out pretty cool with the pics you chose and the gallery ..Ha! I remember the brthday post and yip good ole Guap came right over here and the rest is history .. Remember we talked about – well was it your bday or new years – how you just wanted to be creative and do what you wanted on your blog – I totally love where you have taken it! This was so fun to do.. 🙂 (((((((hugs)))))))))

  2. This is so very cool. I love seeing this other side of Linda! Great expressions, all of them. Never know what the blogosphere holds. ❤

    1. I am really happy how the feature turned out but I still need to make Linda her Artsy Fartist badge and I really wish it got more exposure – … how many times you can link it hmph.. need a new fartist for next week..know anybody ? hmmm ??? Huh?? you do? you have art … 😀 riiighhht? I am ever closer to combining like we talked about – it wouldn’t be such a struggle to get people to see ….sigh

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