pretty girl graphic, beauty

simply pretty and knows it

pretty girl graphic, beauty



    1. its mostly accidental really I promise..not this one I got what I wanted but – if I had done that sketch challenge like you did with 37.. lol… his would be the odd one out I tell ya πŸ™‚

      1. If only I could have drawing “accidents” like that! πŸ˜€ 37 is so dismissive of his drawing abilities. If I could draw like that I wouldn’t be doing much of anything else. It must be so much fun to be able to really express yourself like you do. I love your art!

        1. thanks – I guess if you wanted me to do something specific, it might end up that way.. if you are cool with whatever I do..then its artsy fartsy… see? if you don;t det out to do anything til it looks loke something? Your drawings have character and I think you doen[-lay them because they arent how you see them in your head? that s why I never thought I could do art well because it wasn;t what the assignment was.., I failed at the parameters thats all… see if you do for your art what you have done for your writing this past year… you will probably be some new fangled artist I mean type of artisitc randonm expression – there is that its called suggestivism and you just do what you see.. and let th viewer interpret it.., I am going to put the my friend art farts feature up in mid august.. so I think like 4 or five of your drawings?

          1. Oh Lizzie! I’ve got chills! I really never ever thought in a million billion years (even a trillion!) that someone would want to put my art on their website. I can’t even believe it! Suggestivism . . .and let the reader interpret! I love that! Thank you so much Lizzie for the inspiration you have given me! You’re the best Cyberdaughter I could ever have! πŸ˜€

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