mind map, illustrated mind, confusion

mind map

I was introduced to the concept and wonder of mind mapping by my lovely intelligent and witty,(with a little snark too)  friend Red over at Momma’s Money Matters.  One day I was lamenting how the switch in my brain went on full force and after being sluggish so long I was overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts, so much so that I would sit and stare.  I may have looked calm but there were thousands things going on in my head.  The idea intrigued  me and she sent me a link and even got me started.  

I was absolutely fascinated and curious to see what the ma[p of my brain would end up looking like, how I got from point A to Mexico..  or where ever I happened to stop for a potty break that day…

So.. here for the first time, is a map of my mind.  I think its surprising how it came out.  I   expected more .. flow.  What do you say Red?  Ever seen anything like it?  🙂   I had to do a couple of variations I was so taken in.  🙂  

p.s.. these aren’t the real mind maps that you come out with in the program… I am just having a little fun..ok)

mind map, illustrated mind, confusion,imd map illustration varioation of mind mapping



  1. I adore these! I like that it sparked something so creative. These are lovely, Lizzie. ❤ Red. xxx
    PS Glad you like the program.

    1. I do! I wonder if anyone would pay for the brilliant mind of a person with bipolar all mapped out and easy to follow? Oh gosh I am too much 😛 I am so glad you like them I laughed (out loud even) when I thought of the title and stuff… yay!

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