butterflies and flowers

butterflies and flowers



    1. well… having studied the techniques of…. 🙄

      I am not always sure. Half the time its an accident. I usually have an idea of what I want in my head then I mess around with it til it looks how i pictured it. Sometimes even I am surprised..like when you sneeze and fart pops out at the same time… cept I’ll take credit for this one,,if I sneezed and farted, I’d deny it all day long.. unless it was like one of those really loud and awesome ones. So this is part of a bigger piece that I was working on and I cropped this part out. I’ll put the big one up later…. I’m feeling rather artsy fartsy today… 🙂

If I can say it's Art - you can say you are an Art Critic..... Tell me what you think

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