Morning Light

This morning when I went out to my patio to sit in the sun, I was surprised to see it was already occupied.  My intent was to try to capture each intricate line and circle of the web that was there and you can see some of the lines.  I tried different shutter speeds and could not grab the circular formation of this bit of nature’s art.  Although with a slower shutter speed I was able to capture the rays of light streaming down onto the chair and web.  Then I messed around with it.  And Voila!  Not my original intention but I like it and that is exactly why I call it an Artsy Brain Fart…  It just happened.  



      1. I think it’s probably my computer, but I can’t see the pics you just put up. And when I click on anything on the menu across the top, the page goes blank but the footer still sows (@Lizzie1012 and that area shows but the middle screen is blank. My computer is acting weird and slow though so it’s probably a problem at my end.

        1. did it ever come up? my stats page has been loading for like 5 mins… also my reader has been waaayyy behind and weird it will say 7 new posts and when I click that bar I get 7 from the day before… I’;s the aliens I think.

          1. No it never comes up. I tried clicking clear out of the site and then back in again. Maybe it’s just that WordPress is really busy — it’s been acting really weird for me too. Grrrr

    1. I got that with a slower speed on the shutter and I guess the angle – there was certainly nothing to fragment the light – well I guess may be there was just not to be seen – we had some rain the night before quite poissibly it was through water?

  1. yea I guess I chose a cause that … I dunno… I click it and it says more activities coming soon…

    Maybe I will ust replace it with a Paypal donate button – I’m a good cause 🙂 jk. thanks for trying though here I am trying to do my part. and get everyone else to do theirs… and the link if funky… sigh.. I shall find a different cause then I guess –

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