13 thoughts on “Noise

    • the rectangles are representative of the noise ..well they are noise on the ‘canvas’ …. . this came from actually dealing with interruptions while I was trying to do something else.. noise..

    • Red – wow they really do. I’m amazed at the effects that can be messed around with.. I usually have a desired effect in mind ..embossing or some other technique and then I miss the obvious lol.. thanks 🙂 I am beginning to think i should have named this blog The Accidental Artist lol..

      • I hardly think of it as an accident. I saw the harmony of the curves and the static in the rectangles. The joy of good art is everyone seeing what they do in it. It is like when I write a poem, which I know is about an event, but everyone comes along and sees things in their own lives in it. That is when I did it right. 😉

        This is a great example of doing it right!

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