self portrait



  1. Lizzie! WOW. I just went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this weekend and this is as good as anything in there. I would like to know if you painted it or is it computer generated or what? Oh My God! You are a talented artist and somehow that doesn’t surprise me at all! I’m so glad you started this illustrated companion. YES!

    1. wow thank you 🙂 hey guess what you are my first follower AGAIN!!! yayayaayayaayyyy. This was a sketch app – i sketched then added color and background – and it was not intentional – I finished it and looked at it and went wow – looks kinda familiar…. I have books full of sketches and doodles and stuff… and when i found I could draw on the computer too ? wowsa! Thank you so much – this was almost more scary then the first blog -)

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